“Doha 360” is a website, related to the National Day Organizing Committee, and supervised by Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Center.


“Doha 360” is a website that enhances the National Identity and reflects the social and cultural movements through continuous coverage of cultural, sports and social events.


“Doha 360” is a social communication platform that seeks to achieve communication among intellectuals and creative people, by presenting their work to society. Therefore, culture becomes a catalyst for raising awareness, promoting conscience and motivating to care about having a healthy body.


“Doha 360” aims to enhance the presence of intellectuals in their community and unveils the young talents that deserve to be a world role model.


“Doha 360” aims to serve the youth empowerment by allowing them to express their views, ideas, and suggestions on projects related to their present and future.


“Doha 360” website provides intellectuals, youth, and artists with a space for dialogue, positive interaction and building towards the realization of Qatar Vision 2030.