Little Writers


"Thamarat Al Tyn"

December 9, 2018

There are things we do not see with our eyes, but we understand them with our heart. “Thamarat Al Tyn”, or the fig fruit, is a book that tells about life and its surprises through the eyes of the blind Loubna. (Book by Loubna Abou-Jaish).



“Little Writers” is a show that sheds light on little girls who won the competition of “Future Writers” project organized by Qatar Charity. It also gives us a glance to the stories that made these young writers win their competition. In each episode, one of the winners talks about the story she wrote, and how its idea was born. With an entertaining and inspiring ambiance, the show is an opportunity to reveal young Qatari talents representing the promising future generation whose culture continues to take an important part of their life.